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Taking the NCIDQ Examination requires two steps: application and registration. NCIDQ uses your application to determine your eligibility to take the NCIDQ Examination. If we receive your application by the deadline, we will send you an e-mail within six weeks notifying you of your application status.

If you have completed your education but not your experience, you can apply to take the Interior Design Fundamentals Exam (IDFX) regardless of how much experience you have. Once you have completed the IDFX and the necessary work experience, you can come back to NCIDQ and apply to take the remaining two sections of the exam to earn your NCIDQ Certificate.

If you have completed your education AND all your experience,  you can apply to earn your NCIDQ Certificate by taking all three sections of the exam--the IDFX as well as the Interior Design Professional Exam (IDPX) and the Practicum Exam (PRAC).

Once your application is accepted, you will receive information about how and when to register for one, two or all three NCIDQ Examination section(s) in any combination you wish to take. If your application is not accepted, you will be notified that you are missing information or do not yet meet the requirements.

The NCIDQ Examination application consists of an online application form and the submission of all required supporting documents. Please review the exam eligibility requirements to be sure you have completed one of the six eligibility routes before you apply.

How to Apply:

If you are taking the IDFX only, you must submit:

For all other sections, you must submit these items in addition to the IDFX items:

If you plan to work in a regulated jurisdiction, please contact the appropriate government agency to verify requirements for licensure or registration before you complete the NCIDQ Examination application.

Please note that incomplete applications are held for one year, and then the application and all supporting documents are destroyed. You will need to re-apply, submitting all materials and fees and meeting the eligibility requirements in effect at the time you re-apply.

Online Application

To apply, create an account online on MyNCIDQ and click on the Exam Application and Supporting Documents link under the heading “Exam Candidates.” If you do not have a MyNCIDQ username and password, click on “First Time User” to begin the process. The online application review fee is $200 (U.S.), payable by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) or check. All forms and payment, including mailed checks, must be received by the application deadline. Please note: the application review fee is not refundable.

Supporting Documents

Collect your transcripts, experience verification forms, reference letters and the authorization form and then forward the forms and documents in one package to NCIDQ. Within this package, all supporting documents must be in individual SEALED envelopes that have been signed/stamped across the back. NCIDQ will not review supporting documents that do not meet these specifications. Please note: NCIDQ does not accept collect on delivery (COD) packages. We recommend using a delivery method that allows you to track your package. We are not responsible for misdelivered mail.

View the application review process to learn more about submitting supporting documents, verifying the status of your submission, and what to expect.

Mail application materials to:
1602 L Street, NW Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036-5681

Contact Us:
For all questions regarding your NCIDQ application, e-mail us at

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Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are required from all colleges and universities at which you have taken coursework that is being used to satisfy the eligibility requirements.

To obtain official transcripts, complete the following:

  1. Forward the Transcript Request Form and a self-addressed envelope to each institution’s registrar.
  2. Include any fees required by each institution.
  3. The registrar must enclose the transcript and the request form in your self-addressed envelope and sign or stamp across the seal.
  4. The registrar should return the sealed envelope to you.
  5. Include the unopened and signed/stamped envelope with your supporting documents package.
  6. We recommend ordering an extra transcript in a second envelope so that you can open one and verify it is correct before forwarding the unopened envelope with your application.

We review overseas educational transcripts but you must arrange and pay for your transcript to be translated and converted to U.S. standards. Your converted transcript must show course titles, grades earned and credits awarded (in semester or quarter units). Two companies that offer this service are Educational Credential Evaluators and World Education Services.

Note: Candidates applying to take the NCIDQ Examination may be required to furnish copies of course descriptions from the catalog in force at the beginning of coursework. It may be necessary for candidates to request catalog descriptions from the school/program registrar for all courses related to the major field of study.

Work Experience Verification Forms

A Work Experience Verification Form outlines your work experience for each job that meets NCIDQ’s work experience requirements. NCIDQ does not accept teaching experience as work experience. There are two types of Work Experience Verification Forms you may complete. Please make sure that you have completely filled out the top portion of your Work Experience Verification Form before submitting it to the verifier to sign and put in a sealed envelope.

The Direct Supervision Work Experience Verification Form is used to verify work completed under a direct supervisor: a person who has detailed knowledge and direct control over your work, such as your immediate supervisor. This person may or may not work in the same physical location.

The Sponsored Work Experience Verification Form is used if you are not directly supervised by a design professional or if you are self-employed. A sponsor is a design professional who agrees to oversee your work but does not have detailed knowledge and direct control over your work, such as an interior designer outside your firm. If you are using self-employment as your work experience, you must provide the work experience form and proof of your ownership over your company.

What NOT to send with your application

If you send any additional non-required documents, they will be discarded upon receipt. Examples of non-required documents that will be discarded upon receipt are:

  • Resumes
  • Portfolios
  • Press clippings
  • Advertising/marketing materials
  • Drawings of completed or planned projects
  • Photographs of projects, plans, schoolwork, etc.
  • Fabric/material samples


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