NCIDQ Video Competition

Tell us what your NCIDQ Certificate means to you!

Make a short video telling us how your NCIDQ Certificate adds value to your business—and you could win an iPad 2! The winning videos will be used to encourage more designers to complete the steps to earning the Certificate and thereby increasing the professionalism of the practice of interior design.
The contest is open to all active NCIDQ Certificate holders in the United States and Canada.
How to Enter
  1. Create a short video (no more than 60 seconds in length) telling viewers what the NCIDQ Certificate means to you.
  2. Upload it to YouTube®
  3. Complete the contest entry form (page 1), including your agreement to the terms and conditions of the contest (page 2) and the photo and video release form (page 3).
  4. Email the entry form to no later than 9 am Eastern time, Wednesday, October 25, 2011. There is no fee for submitting your entry.
  5. Only one entry per Certificate holder.
How to Win
The eight members of the NCIDQ Board of Directors will select the winning entries. Judging will be based on presenting a clear, concise message that speaks to future Certificate holders as well as the public—those who will engage professional interior designers and need to know why they should hire an NCIDQ Certificate holder. Decisions of the judges will be final.
Originality, creativity and making sure people understand your message are critical. The following are key aspects that the judges will use when selecting the winning entries:
  • Does your video make it clear what the NCIDQ Certificate means to you? That’s what the contest is all about, so make sure you state why you value being a Certificate holder.
  • Can everyone who watches your video see and hear what is said clearly?
  • Do you grab your viewers’ attention and care about what you are saying?
  • Is the action and the story easy to follow?
  • Is your video within the time limits? All videos must be under 60 seconds long.
  • This part sounds a bit picky, but in the world of licensure and certification that NCIDQ inhabits, there is a distinction between the terms “certification” and “certificate.” Please be sure to use “Certificate” when referring to the credential you hold—not “certification.”
What You’ll Get

Winners will be notified via email on November 7.

First Prize 

One person will win a 16 GB iPad2 with WiFi (black), a free one-year renewal of your NCIDQ Certificate and one NCIDQ continuing education monograph (a $60 value) of your choice.

Honorable Mentions     
Up to 3 Certificate holders will win free one-year renewal of their NCIDQ Certificates and one NCIDQ continuing education monograph (a $60 value) of their choice.
All winning videos will be shown at the NCIDQ Annual Council of Delegates meeting November 11-12, 2011 in Alexandria, Virginia.
All winning videos will be featured on the NCIDQ website, on the NCIDQ Facebook page and will be promoted through NCIDQ newsletters, Twitter and other media.
Terms and Conditions
1.       By submitting your entry, you agree to all terms and conditions of this contest.
2.       Only one entry per person.
3.       Entries open to residents of the United States and Canada only.
4.     Current officers, directors and/or employees of NCIDQ are not eligible to participate in the NCIDQ Video Contest.
5.       Prizes will be shipped only to a U.S. or Canadian mailing address. No post office boxes, and you must be present to sign for your package, if selected.
6.       Anyone who is recognizable in the video (face, body, voice, etc.) must consent to have his or her image and/or voice included in the video—this includes the Certificate holder if he or she is the narrator. You must submit one written consent form per individual included in your video.
7.       Entries may be live-action, animation, machinima or a combination.
8.       Videos should not contain an advertisement of the creator’s firm, membership association or other organization. There should be no web link (URL) to any website or any message that states that the video is “copyrighted by X.”
9.       Music, images and video clips included in the video must be legally licensed either by obtaining the copyright holder’s written permission, using materials licensed through Creative Commons licensing or using entirely original content created by the videographer submitting the entry. The Contest Entry Form requires you to check a waiver box stating that you either own all music, images and brands that appear in the video, or that you have used royalty-free images and music, or that you have paid for the use of images, music and brands or have otherwise been given permission to use the music, images and/or brands. NCIDQ has the right to review all supporting documentation upon written request.
10.       Contestants agree that NCIDQ may publish their video and name(s) and may use both in future advertising campaigns and/or marketing materials. Contestants assign all ownership rights, including intellectual property rights, in and to the video to NCIDQ. By entering the contest you grant NCIDQ a perpetual license to use your video and permission to edit, modify, format or adapt your video for NCIDQ’s purposes at NCIDQ’s sole discretion.
11.   Winner(s) must be able to provide NCIDQ with an original video file.
12.   You may remove your video from the competition by written request to NCIDQ to delete your video from its competition prior to the announcement of the winner(s) on November 7, 2011.
13.   No royalties will be paid to the creators should NCIDQ use the videos for any purpose where NCIDQ sells the videos or portions of the videos (such as on a DVD).
14.   NCIDQ has no obligation to use the winning videos for any purpose whatsoever.
15.   NCIDQ is not responsible for any lost, delayed, damaged, misdirected or illegal submissions.
16.   NCIDQ may disqualify any entry based on content and/or production.
17.   All costs associated with making and submitting a video are the contestant’s responsibility. NCIDQ will not reimburse or be responsible for any costs incurred in the making or submission of any entry.
18.   All entries must adhere to the YouTube Community Guidelines, as stated on the YouTube website at
19.   NCIDQ reserves the right not to choose a winner or winners.
20.   I agree to indemnify, defend and hold NCIDQ, its successors, assigns and licensees harmless from and against any and all third party claims, actions or proceedings of any kind and from any and all damages, liabilities, attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses relating to or arising out of any negligence, infringement, breach or alleged breach of any of the warranties, representations or agreements of entrants hereunder. 



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