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The NCIDQ Certificate

More than 29,000 individuals around the world have earned the prestigious NCIDQ Certificate, the Mark of a Professional® for interior designers.

It is more important than ever for clients and the public to expect interior design professionals to demonstrate their competency in all areas of interior design. It is not enough for a provider of interior design services to understand just the aesthetics. The designed safety of interiors for home owners, business owners or users of public and private spaces requires much more in today’s complex world.

Earning an NCIDQ Certificate is an important milestone for any interior designer. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, an NCIDQ Certificate demonstrates that you are uniquely qualified through education, experience and examination to competently practice interior design.

Showcase Your Credential

Beginning July 15, 2013 Active NCIDQ Certificate Holders will now be able to utilize NCIDQ as an appellation after completing the "NCIDQ Appellation Application" in their MyNCIDQ account. Certificate Holders will be asked to agree to Terms and Conditions that include a Code of Ethics and agreeing to random annual audits to confirm they reached the minimum of 0.6 CEU credits each year.

Correct Usage for Active NCIDQ Certificate Holders once they have completed the online agreement:

Your Name, NCIDQ
Your Name, 

Incorrect Usage:

Your Name, NCIDQ-Certified

Correct Usage for Inactive NCIDQ Certificate Holders:

Your Name, NCIDQ® Certificate Number 000000
Your Name NCIDQ® Certificate No. 000000

To continue receiving the Appellation benefit, Certificate Holders must continue to renew their certificate. Otherwise, they become an Inactive NCIDQ Certificate Holder and may no longer utilize the appellation. Inactive Certificate Holders must use the longer version of showcasing their credential, as shown in the last example above.

Certificate Holder Benefits

Active Certificate holders receive these exclusive benefits:

The Mark of a Professional

Download our free brochure, The Mark of a Professional, for your clients.
View a list of all NCIDQ Certificate holders by state/province.
  • NEW BENEFIT: NCIDQ Certificate Appellation – More easily showcase your credential after your name, utilizing "NCIDQ" or the NCIDQ Certificate mark. This new benefit will launched to all Active Certificate Holders on July 15, 2013.
  • Online Listing – Choose to make your professional data available on QSearch, an online tool for employers and clients to locate active NCIDQ Certificate holders.
  • Mobility – Request official verification of your education, experience and examination provided to any jurisdiction or professional organization.
  • Online AccessLog into NCIDQ’s Web site to change your address, view and print your CE transcript, renew your Certificate online and request other NCIDQ services.
  • News Updates – Stay informed about your profession with NCIDQ’s free QLetter newsletter, e-mailed to you monthly.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – Ensure the strong future of your profession by serving as an NCIDQ volunteer, sharing your expertise, networking with professionals from across the United States and Canada and earning free CEUs.

If you are active, we will e-mail you when it is time to go online and renew your membership for an additional year of benefits. Be sure to keep your e-mail address current so that you don’t miss out on any important announcements or opportunities.

Click here to access your MyNCIDQ record to update your information or reactivate your Certificate. There is a fee to reinstate an inactivate Certificate. 

Requiring the NCIDQ Certificate

Successful completion of the NCIDQ Examination is required for professional registration in 26 of the U.S. states and Canadian provinces that have enacted licensing or certification statutes to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. An NCIDQ Certificate also is required for professional membership in the American Society of Interior Designers, as well as for the professional interior designer membership categories of the International Interior Design Association  and the Interior Designers of Canada.


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