NCIDQ Fees as of January 1, 2014

Exam Fees
Exam Candidate Application $200
Supplemental Application Review (surcharge per missing item) $60
Late Application Review (surcharge) $90
Paper-and-Pencil Exam Registration
Exam Late Registration (per administration) $160
Practicum $420
Changes to Registration/Offline Processing $10
Practicum Exam Cancellation $110
Practicum Emergency Exam Cancellation (1/2/3 section(s)) $210
Exam Candidate Reactivation $0
Computer-Based Exam Registration
IDFX-Interior Design Fundamentals Exam $270
IDPX-Interior Design Professional Exam $320
Exam Cancellations varies based on when cancelled
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Certificate Fees
Certificate Holder Annual Renewal
Online Renewal $65
Mailed Renewal $75
Certificate Holder Reinstatement $130
Certificate Verification for Active Certificate Holders
To Allied Organization or Member Board $5
To All Others $5
Certificate Verification for Inactive Certificate Holders N/A
Certificate Replacement $30
Record Transmittal $60
Publication Fees (exclusive of shipping)
Practice Design Problem $85
Other Fees
Returned Check $85
Offline Processing $10
Record Retention $110

Note: All fees are subject to change.


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