AAHID Certification

The American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID) certifies the knowledge, skills and abilities of healthcare interior designers, distinguishing them from other architects, designers and decorators. Healthcare administrators seek AAHID certificants, knowing they are fully qualified healthcare interior design professionals. AAHID also promotes research of healthcare interior environments and collaborates in developing improved products for healthcare interiors.

NCIDQ Certificate holders may become eligible to take the AAHID exam by completing an application that demonstrates or provides the following:

  • College degree with a major in interior design or related field
  • NCIDQ Certificate
  • Minimum of five years experience in healthcare interior design
  • Portfolio of four to six projects from the past five years including plans, drawings and photographs a with narrative statement describing each project
  • Three letters of reference from clients that specifically indicate the applicant's role on the projects submitted with the portfolio

The AAHID certificate is awarded to successful applicants who pass the AAHID exam, which includes content on the design of acute care, ambulatory/outpatient, long-term care/senior living, other medical, retail/hospitality, and support services facilities.

For further information, visit the AAHID Web site.

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